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This is successful as, despite its simple linear lines, the idea of a running man is obvious. You can then see how they were able to replicate this form in to a pattern for the rest of their collateral, which adds complexity to the brand as a whole.

I have always been curious how the visual experience affects the mind. I always find myself asking how does that color of that chair make the room feel or why did she choose bright blue shirt to wear. It's curious to me the decisions we make and how we visualize the world around us.

Psicología del color en el diseño de logos #infografia #infographic #design

Logo Psychology: How Your Colour, Font & Shape Influences People

Logo Psychology: How Your Colour, Font & Shape Influences..

Psychology infographic & Advice Psychology : Infographic: Psychology Of Color Shapes Fonts In Logo Designs Desi.

Shapes of Logo Design

The Psychological Meaning Behind Shapes in Logo Design (Infographic)

fundraising infographic & data Shapes in Logo Design: The Psychology & Meaning Behind Logo Shapes Infographic Description Shapes in Logo Desig

When it comes to designing anything -- from a logo to a website -- color is incredibly important. Such a seemingly simple thing like the color of a logo can determine whether someone bothers to take a second look at a logo, even if they don't realize they're doing it. Check out the cool infographic…

How Much Does Color Matter in Design? More Than You Think

The Colorful Secrets Behind the World’s Greatest Branding — All Things Marketing and Entrepreneurship — Medium

Psychology Of Color In Logo Design #advertising #marketing @ad2miami @Kristelle Soto @fhhispania @Yoly Mason

What the color of your logo says about you

Funny pictures about Color emotion guide. Oh, and cool pics about Color emotion guide. Also, Color emotion guide.