Floral "que será, será" moon tattoo on the right side ribcage. Tattoo Artist: Drag

Floral "que será, será" moon tattoo on the right side ribcage. "What will be, will be"

Artemis and Luna tattoo, Sailor Moon tattoo, lucky cat tattoo

They are lucky cat versions of Luna and Artemis from ‘Sailor Moon’. She has Luna on her left forearm, and I have Artemis on my right. They were done by my main man Doug in Columbus, Indiana, who I attribute a lot of my tattoos to.


Elegant Floral Tattoos Mimic Delicate Pencil Sketches

Tattoo artist Lindsay April is making a name for herself with her sketch-like style and nature-inspired pieces, including delicate floral tattoos.

Detailed Moon Tattoo by Bruna Pereira

48 Magnificent Moon Tattoo Designs & Ideas

As part of mehndi style design. Around shoulder maybe?

Like the idea of putting one pic in the confines of another image.thinking Disney castle inside something else?

tattoo design 1

18 Unique Tattoo Designs

Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Half mandala temporary tattoo Discovred by : Kali Holman

May brings the Flower Moon, but June is my favorite...

Maybe get it in a loved ones birth month, because mine is kinda boring. Good idea but my season is definitely different then my birth month.