Inexpensive Do It Yourself Magnetic Chore Charts

DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

What a creative idea! Amy of Postively Splendid blog used tiles, magnets, and a sheet of galvanized steel to create a helpful chore chart for her four kids! #DIHworkshop

DIY Magnetic Tile Chore Chart

After School Magnetic Chore Chart #FrogTapeProjects - Somewhat Simple

Magnetic Kids Chore Chart

Magnetic Chore Chart- perfect for after school craziness!- this is cute, but I wouldn't call it a "Chore" chart, more like a itinerary, which Anna loves now!, because I don't think being happy or homework should be considered as a "Chore"!

Printable Magnetic Chore Charts for Little Kids pictures let them know what chores they need to do! via @craftingchicks

Magnetic Chore Charts

@Erica Cerulo Boyer --- thought you might like this for when the girls are older! =) YOu can use magnets with chores on them to split it up between the girls (and any future kids you may adopt!) ;) Convert old tray to magnetic chore chart. #chores #chorechart #parenting

Chore [or we say Contribution] Chart from Little Gray Table. Thrifted trays + fun colors + chalkboard paint + magnets (she used wood discs, but you could also use large glass floral stones)


wall organization ideas for kids

Framed magnetic chore chart for multiple children. Place the types of chores in one box and each day divide up what needs to be done between the kids. Keeps them from being bored with the same to-do's every day.

10 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores

I like the idea of magnets they can move themselves when they complete a chore! Only thing I might add is photos of the chore to be done. A Lemon Squeezy Home: Chore Charts {diy} So so so so so totally doing this!

MULTIPLE CHILD Chore Chart Combination Set - includes Multiple-Child Chore Chart & Mix and Match Magnet Set of 12

Multiple Child Chore Chart + Magnet Set Combination - includes 1 Multiple-Child Chore Chart & 1 Mix and Match Magnet Set of 12