Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO by on @deviantART

This was a project which didn't end so good. I finished the base of guitar and tried to transport it back to my home country before the con and guess wh. Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO

Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake by RetroElectric |

Here’s a pic of me as Marceline at AWA This photo was taken by my friend Cory (You should like his FB page here: [link] And be sure to like my pag. Marceline the Vampire Queen Cosplay 3

Marceline & the Ice King Cosplay

Marceline cosplayed by me at Amanda Finley Cosplay: [link] Simon was cosplayed by my good frie.

Marceline Cosplay

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Marceline Costume

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