Marilyn photographed at President Kennedy’s Birthday Gala, May 19th 1962.

In the dress she wore when she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK. They sewed the dress on to her!

This Day in History: Aug 5, 1962: Marilyn Monroe is found dead......I was in my early teens when the news hit....I think her death affected everyone, young and sad!

This Day in History: Aug Marilyn Monroe is found dead -- not pills, injection - murder !

52 years ago today, Happy Birthday was sung like it never was before. #boomers #marilynmonroe #jfk #babyboomers

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Marilyn Monroe Facts (26)

29 Shocking Marilyn Monroe Facts

This is a pretty picture of Marilyn, and this site has some interesting facts about Marilyn Monroe.

Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe (center) cuddle up while having drinks with Peter Lawford...

Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe in never-before-seen photos

Frank Sinatra & Marilyn Monroe playing games and having drinks with Peter Lawford and his wife Patricia Kennedy, as well as Swedish star Mai Britt in Santa Monica, California x

Marilyn Monroe Collection : Фото

Marilyn Monroe Collection : Фото

The famous dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to seductively serenade President Kennedy with “Happy Birthday” in 1962. Jean Louis designed the dress as he designed his 'nude illusion' costumes for Marlene Dietrich, aiming for the effect of her wearing only sequins and beads on bare skin. He achieved this partly by dying the fabrics to match each star's skin tone.

President' dress -auction 4 million It's best known for giving the impression of nudity, and for being so form-fitting MM had to be sewn into it. How can a museum exhibit like this evoke such a famous body?

Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio Flowers to her grave for over two decades. <3<3<3<3  He never remarried.

Marilyn Monroe & husband Joe DiMaggio - 1953 - Photo by John Vachon - Note MM is wearing a cast on left foot as a result of an injury on the "River of No Return" shoot in Canada.

Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra (who had multiple ties to the mob). It's said that she spent the last night of her life with mob leader Sam Giancana,  and Frank Sinatra.  Great story.

Marilyn Monroe 'spent her last night with mafia boss Sam Giancana at Frank Sinatra's lodge'

Marilyn Monroe talks with Frank Sinatra while an unidentified man looks on at the Cal Neva Lodge in in Crystal Bay, Nevada.


Daily News 6/08/1962 - Divine Marilyn Monroe

This is not really Marilyn & JFK... but it's still an interesting photo.

Another "rare" image. (Kennedy + Monroe,,,Costly affair: A rare image of Marilyn with President John F. Kennedy together at JFKs 19 May 1962 birthday party at the White House.