This is very similar to the one I want!!

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs

One awesome tattoo that one would consider having is the portrait tattoo. Portrait tattoos have a long history and have been common for a long time.

10 Marilyn Monroe skull posters

Two of my favorite things - zombies and Marilyn Monroe. I love vintage, classic beauty and femininity, but I also love zombies and things that are more "edgy." The juxtaposition of the two show that your style and taste do not have to be limited.

Marilyn Monroe Wrist Tattoo

45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos That Will Leave You In Awe

This is quite small black Marilyn Monroe tattoo on forearm. Tat has no main outline but falling shadows looks perfectly!

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Pop art still flourishes today and is extremely popular. Here is a compilation of pop art images depicting the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe Day of the Dead Art love this I want this as a tat but only the day of the dead one

DGA Marilyn Monroe Day of the Dead Stretched Canvas Wood Framed Wall Art Inches - Smile Now Cry Later

Smoking Marilyn Monroe design

Marilyn Monroe tattoos are amazing popular considering the sex symbol has been dead for over 50 years. Here are some of the greatest Marilyn Monroe designs!

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe tattoos originated from the Marilyn Monroe who died around 50 years ago. She was considered beautiful and very glamorous.

Marilyn Monroe with Bandana | Sexy Shorts Marilyn Monroe Hoodie Gangsta Playboy…

Sexy Shorts Marilyn Monroe Hoodie Gangsta Playboy Tattoo Bandana Blonde Babe

Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs

10 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs

Marilyn Monroe, an American actress, model & singer is one of the sexiest ladies & tattoo artists all over the world ink Marilyn Monroe tattoos. Here are some best tattoos.