Mass Effect Comic - Boss Rush. The Human Reaper had to ship ...

A comic about mass effect and video game enemy design in general. You can see the latest comics on my site: [link] One of the things I think has worked . Mass Effect Comic 'Boss Rush'

Mass Effect 3 - Subject Zero - cosplay by Anna Ormeli

Mass Effect 3's Jack, Cosplayed To Perfection

Mass Effect 3 The Band by HGuyver on DeviantArt

Mass Effect 3 The Band by ~HGuyver on deviantART <--- who the hell saves Ash though!

Mass Effect Trilogy Art by:  Ron Chan (@RonDanChan) | Twitter

rondanchan: “So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :) ”

Mass Effect 3 - Ain't Such A Good Idea by on @deviantART

And that's why from this day forth, no one will play ME Multiplayer with me while I'm a Vorcha Sentinel! Xp Mass Effect is © Bioware & EA Mass Effect 3 - Ain't Such A Good Idea

Ahhh Shep's bad dancing put to good use. Guardians of the Galaxy in Mass Effect. This should have been a dialogue choice there!

And nobody made fun of Shepard's dancing ever again A little Mass Effect / Guardians of the Galaxy crossover I thought would be fun. But then it turned . Mass Effect: How Commander Shepard defeated Saren

I still find this web comic highly amusing. I totally felt like this while playing mass effect 3!!

How the Mass Effect RPG "quest added" function works. I laughed waaaaaaaay too hard at this.

ME3: Me, myself and ... by yuiseppe on DeviantArt

The only reason to save your evil clone 🎮 Mass Effect Video Game Meme

Mass Effect Comic-Translation by ~pandarune on deviantART

Mass Effect Comic-Translation by ~pandarune on deviantART>>>knowing humanity, this has a high possibility of happening.

So... smooth...

So... smooth...