Men's Humor #10

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mens humor 3 pictures 006

Some people just refuse to lose this is so funny. Is that bungee cord holding that in place?

Beats taking out the dashboard. Takes a while to see straight though.

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Why don't you wash your hands?  #MechanicProblems

People with OCD are like "even I don't wash them as much as you", fixing cars is a very dirty job.

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Every bloody time I have to get work done on my car, I look like this

It's never good for you when customers watch you working, or for them. Should herd customers into a well equipped waiting area.

funny demotivational poster

Motivational Monday 10-17

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Engine whistling?

Customer complained about a whistling sound coming from their engine. via My security Captcha for my flight. via Happy Hour Playset.

Funny little car humour. Difference between having ABS brakes or not :)

Funny pictures about ABS Braking Explained. Oh, and cool pics about ABS Braking Explained. Also, ABS Braking Explained photos.

"But officer...the sign instructed me to do a burnout."

This sign is familiar to us i the Midwest, but may cause confusion for those not used to snow or rainfall on narrow roads- Low to High Cognitive Effort


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