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Lathe Tooling 2569 The OMW Radius and Ball Tool is designed to cut round shapes or curves in brass, aluminum, steel or plastic on your own small lathe.

Do you often need a metal scribe but also have to carry it in your pocket? Or pull it out of your toolbox just to find that the tip has been broken? This is the perfect solution to having a nice looking, high quality brass and knurled aluminum tool that will protect you and the tip -> Check it out: Making a diy retractable scribe on the mini metal lathe

This video is how to make a fully retractable metal scribe out of brass and aluminum with a Starrett Tools tip on the MINI LATHE.

Make a mini fire piston used for lighting a fire with an air combustion.

Make a Mini FIRE PISTON on Lathe

What is up eveybody, in this instructable I am going to make a mini fire piston used for lighting a fire with an air combustion.

Homemade milling attachment (Varmint Al's Mini Lathe Pages)

Homemade milling attachment (Varmint Al's Mini Lathe Pages). This is a great idea. Would love one for my shop.

What is the best metal lathe you can buy today? There’s a number of options available within a wide price range. To narrow this down today, we will look at small metal lathes suitable for the

The Best Metal Lathe For The Money (Top 5 Reviewed)

.Good HSS cutter sharpening guide.

Using a Mini Lathe for reloading ammo. Improving the lathe and necessary tools with Pictures for a Mini-Machine Shop.

A hand made screwdriver.  Beginner metal lathe project.

This is one of my very first projects working on a metal lathe. I guess you could say it's a how to make a screwdriver.

How to make a internal/external threading tool on your lathe

Online shopping for metalworking projects from a huge selection of drill bits, end mills, threaded taps, sanding and grinding tools, and more.