Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta (Thread palm) Click image to learn more, add to your lists and get care advice reminders each month.

Mexican Fan Palm...I have a lot of those on the property...I need to slowly start to replacing them with a shorter palm...

I have a lot of those on the property.I need to slowly start to replacing them with a shorter palm.

In the pictured front yard, the sturdy trunks of California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera) anchor the space. The landscape is studded with Agave ‘Sharkskin’, feathery Yucca rostrata, and golden barrel cactus. The tall Mexican fan palms, Washingtonia robusta, were preexisting on the property.

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Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palms can be used to add a tropical flare to just about any landscape. They can be used formally, planted in straight lines along roads, driveways or sidewalks.

Medium size palm tree. Indigenous plants.

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Mexican Fan Palm Tree   Washingtonia robusta

The Mexican Fan Palm Tree, scientific name Washingtonia robusta, is also known as Washington palm, and Skyduster.

Mexican Fan Palms - Cold Hardy Palm Trees

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