Perfect pink piglet

I have to say, I want a micro pig! And if I were to ever get one, I would of course name it Wilbur if it was a boy. If was a girl, I'd name it Penelope.

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. WHERE IS THIS PIG!

As micro mini pig

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The happiest pig that ever lived.

We all want to be as happy as this micro pig

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Aww, these pets are too cute to handle and also perfect for you if you are finding unique pets!!

PIG HOUSES - Juliana & Micro Mini Pigs at Ahrens Hobby Farm.  I wonder for how long it'll look this nice?  I bought something like this for my geese some years ago........

Juliana & Micro Mini Pigs at Ahrens Hobby Farm - PIG HOUSES - Juliana & Micro Mini Pigs for sale also some other animals too.