Facts About Miniature Donkeys.this site is such a good resource! It explains all the terminology, how big they get, the parts of a donkey, and their uses!

Myer's Meadows City Slicker (a. Slick), a black or dark brown jack with no light points at Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkey Farm

A baby miniature donkey with his Teddy bear. This mini donkey and Sawyer would be perfect for each other with their teddy bears!

Learn how to care for your miniature donkey before you purchase. You will know what to expect and how to respond to your new family member for a lifetime friendship.

Miniature Donkeys Are The Best Friend Anyone Ever Had

If you wonder what a donkey can eat, you can find all important feeding facts here. Take good care of your donkey with best information.

Black Miniature donkey (Jennet) named Incognito barn name Nito. - from Half Ass Acres TINY

You Should Probably Adopt One Of These 20 Mini Donkeys Who Need Forever Homes

And this is a mini donkey galloping on his adorable little short legs through the paddock. One of 20 miniature donkeys looking for a home.

Tara Pilonero ~ ‎Wooly Miniature Donkeys, Our wooly jack foal, Paddington, at 4 months old. Im really liking this little fella.