CFC Furniture - Minimalist Mirror - CM128

CFC Furniture - Minimalist Mirror - CM128

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Modern bedroom featuring chic bedding, bench, rug with contemporary pattern, and a beautiful, oversized minimalist mirror.

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Originally Blended: Minimalist Mirror & Hanger Design by Luis Arrivillaga

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Name: Melanie and Dalton Tarver Location: Dallas, Texas Size: 1088 square feet Years lived in: Owned 3 years Melanie writes: My home is a mid-century tradition

Minimalist Mirror - Small

Minimalist Mirror - Small

Copy is a minimalist mirror created by Zurich-based designer Mario Zoller. Copy is a minimal mirror that is leaned directly against the wall. The shape and the material are reduced to the essentials and give the mirror a discreet, quiet design. The mirror glass is bordered on the sides by two wooden steels which ensure stability. Small gumballs on the feet provide the mirror and prevent slipping. Copy consists of ash wood. It is available in dark, black stained and light, white bleached.


Copy is a minimalist mirror created by Zurich-based designer Mario Zoller.