Energetic Palette Knife Portraits by Salman Khoshroo

Artist Masterfully Maneuvers a Palette Knife to Sculpt Dynamic Paintings

wetheurban: “Palette Knife Portraits, Salman Khoshroo Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo uses thick lumps of oil paint and a big palette knife to design portraits and large figures which look like their dripping on the canvas that they’re.

GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Dancer Painting Colorful CANVAS Prints Dance Wall Decor Lavender Blue Impasto Modern Art Aqua Blue White Yellow Green MATCHING SET of 2 Sizes to 60" -Christine

GICLEE PRINT Art Abstract Dancer Painting Colorful CANVAS Prints Dance Wall Decor Sizes to 60"

"Dancer en Pointe" Giclee PRINT, CANVAS PRINTS of Original Abstract Dancer Painting ballet dance wall decor set of 2 modern palette knife textured impasto in shades of aqua light blue white gold purpl

DESIGNER INSPIRATION – My soul is fed by needle and thread – anon | Pepperbox Couture

DESIGNER INSPIRATION – My soul is fed by needle and thread – anon

The Creation of... the Internet.  This is a great example of using new media to reinterpret familiar paintings.

"The Creation of The Internet". Parody of "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo Fresco painting. x Located at the Sistine Chapel. I thought this parody was a funny modern interpolation of such a famous piece.

Twombly Giclee | Modern Art

Do you love tonal chic decor? Create a modern tonal style by using one or two colors or by layering pale neutral shades of toffee, cream and caramel.

Non-Objective Composition, c.1920. Lyubov Sergeyevna Popova was a Russian avant-garde artist, painter and designer. In 1916 she joined the Supremus group with Malevich, the founder of Suprematism. The creation of a new kind of painting was part of the revolutionary urge of the Russian avant-garde to remake the world. However there was a tension between those who, like Malevich saw art as a spiritual quest, & others who responded to the need for the artist to create a new physical world.

Liubov Popova, Non-Objective Composition (circa. Gouache, oil and india ink on cardboard, 45 × 28 cm

To see details of the painting, please click ZOOM to enlarge the images. Reviews: www.etsy.com/shop/CelineZiangArt/reviews?ref=shop_info Welcome to my shop: www.etsy.com/shop/CelineZiangArt www.etsy.com/shop/CelinePrintables ►Since this piece can be hung in many positions, I will put the signature on the back of the canvas BY DEFAULT, so you can hang it in any position you want. If you want me to sign on the front of the painting, please indicate it right after your purchase and tell me…

Large Abstract Art, Hand Painted Oil Painting Minimalist Art, Abstract Painting On Canvas, Modern Art Circle.

Contemporary Modern Art  an Original Abstract por VictoriAtelier, $70.00

Contemporary Modern Art - an Original Abstract Painting on watercolor paper x


Simple & striking // ETHAN COOK Hand woven cotton canvas in artists frame, Quilt inspiration.

Atelier Bingo is the workshop of Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau, two illustrator / graphic designer and surface pattern designers from France. They love t

Atelier Bingo - Handcrafted Posters and Experimentation

Deconstructed portraits involves brilliantly unique approached to distorting or manipulating photos and creating a surreal piece of artwork.

Deconstructed Portraits by Henrietta Harris

"Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?" - Charles Lindbergh artwork by Henrietta Harris Illustration