Regardless of the size of your home, it’s difficult to include in the decor every little object that you might or might not need at some point. It’s not pr

17 Multi-Purpose Furniture That Changes Function In No Time

// bi chair by flemento Diseno. Gain de place, emboitement des chaises. Double fonction.

Bi Chair by Elemento Diseño

Love these doubles in saving space, chairs, and storage! New definition of "stacking chairs". Puzzling Modern Moveables - Modular Furniture by Sanjin Halilovic, Perplexes Form and Function.

multifunctional furniture for small living spaces by Simone Simonelli


Simone Simonelli is the talented industrial designer behind the Maisonnette furniture collection. "Maisonnette" in French means small house. Simone's aim with the collection was to create multifunc.

Whether you have a traditional sized home or a tiny home, space always seems to be an issue; and finding ways to keep what space you do have clean and uncluttered also seems to be a problem. Solutions for these issues have been around as long as....

Possible garden table for party's and bbqs or workshop seeing/craft table Even for potting/garden in spring!

46 Foldaway Furniture Innovations - Transformable Designs for Small Space Living (CLUSTER)

46 Foldaway Furniture Innovations

multifunctional furniture - Google Search

Down To Basics – Decorating With Cube Furniture

Tested Ways to Get the Décor Right in Any Small Space

In any small house, space is the biggest hurdle to creating the beautiful interior you always wanted.Here are a great ideas for small space decorating

Family Multifunctional Furniture by Jin-Young Lee

Family Multifunctional Furniture by Jin-Young Lee

Space Saving With Multifunctional Furniture by Orla Reynolds - should work perfectly in kids' rooms!

This should look alot better if the table and chairs were all one color. [Small Apartment Saver] Designed by Irish designer Orla Reynolds, this innovative furniture set comes with white shelves, two colorful tables and 4 chairs

BIG IDEAS FOR SMALL PLACES HERE (multifunctional furniture): http://www.natural-...

Top 4 Bedroom Gadgets We Love

Super multifuncional, oficina, sala, comedor y cama

An all-in-one set up for tiny homes or tiny houses. The bed is hidden in plan sight, dining table + storage stools tuck away beneath office platform.