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Herman Munster's cars, the Munster Koach and Drag-U-La are legendary TV car stars created by custom car builder George Barris

The car from the Munsters!

The Munster Coach used in the TV series 'The Munsters' - is also from the hand of the American car designer and builder George Barris :-)

Both of these cars the Dragula and the Munsters's Coach are on display at the   Volo Auto Museum, Volo, IL.

"The Munsters" TV show stars Fred Gwynne as Herman, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily, Al Lewis as Grandpa, Pat Priest as Marilyn and Butch Patrick as Eddie. The star cars are Dragula and The Munster Koach.

Barris's 'Dragula'...  for Grandpa to race Herman, in the 'Munsters'...

Also Granpa' Munster Garage Built Racer "The Munsters" TV Show

Dragula! It's getting close to #halloween gotta be rollin In the coolest #barris #kustom

The Munsters ( Rare colour photo ) = obviously their TV show was filmed in B&W so to see a colour individual photo of the cast ,takes a while to get your head around !

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The Munsters "Munster Coach" car Pop Art Painting Paint By Number Kit Produced on high quality primed canvas and captured in rich acrylic grey or blue t. The Munsters Munster Coach Paint By Number Kit

The Munsters Drag Car

A Couple of Munster-Mobiles! Herman in his koach and Grandpa driving his Dragula!

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Munsters car dragula drag strip

The Dragula is a drag strip car built by Grandpa in the episode of The Munsters: Hot Rod Herman.