Open rp: Cecil was walking through the forest with his Sylveon by his side. Listening for anything that may be of danger to them. Cecil hears a crack and spins his head towards it.

Mystical Forest, Slovakia

Mystical Forest / . Looks like Pandora from Avatar

I doubt this would fit the forest, but I do love the picture. It could be a vision from further away, on a mountain side. It's easy to sell things to me with light blue & dark contrast ;

50 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World (Part 5) | Mystic or the Mystical forests in Netherlands looks breathtaking with colourful leaves all around and the shades of light as the Sun sets and rises.

50 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World (Part 5)

Can't wait to visit my husbands family in the Netherlands! Mystic Forest, Netherlands - 50 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World (Part

"To dream of mushrooms denotes fleeting happiness, to dream you are gathering them, fickleness in a lover or consort." --Richard Folkard in Plant Lore (1884)

The babe laughed a laugh that filled all the hollow spaces in the forest. As I fairy I smiled and helped carry it to the tree. Any abandoned or orphaned creatures we brought to our sanctuary. The head fairy, my mother, was the in charge and each fairy was

Be generous with your spirit and help the world around you by being a shinning light of loving intention. See the beauty in giving love.

Resting (in true husky twist fashion!) by the River on a Warm Summer Night . Beautiful Siberian Husky artwork by Carmen via Think, Draw, Art! for Art Lovers.

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Spencer Byles Sculpts Mystical Forest Artworks from Natural Materials

Sculpture by Spencer Byles in the forest of la Colle sur Loup, southern France Photo by Un jour, une photo