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From Edison films catalog: One of the most peculiar customs of the Sioux Tribe is here shown, the dancers being genuine Sioux Indians, in full war paint and .

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I love playing this while painting on our porch windows. Search for: annual porch painting 3 HOURS Native American Shamanic Music

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Dyami Thomas as Onai, Accalias husband in 'Into The Night' Gahhhh, cant wait to write more about these beautiful creatures

The haunting sounds fill the mountain Energies spread like a fountain Precious time spent calling all life Releasing from the daily strife ~ Play my true heart. O flute player Help me remove the ne...


Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit Published on Jan 2015 This collection of solo flute pieces from Navajo-Ute musician R. Carlos Nakai is an evocative delight.

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Read ~*~ Epilogue ~*~ from the story Pocahontas (Breaking Dawn Pt 2 - Wolf/Embry Call Imprintee) by insaneredhead with reads.