NF all his stuff is great! Amazing rapper!Today he dropped a new album!

NF - Christian rapper - love his music- can I just marry him? he's only six years older lol

"I'd rather be myself and be hated for it, then be what everyone else loves and hate myself. -@nfrealmusic"

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NF talks Ed Sheeran #OnTheRecord #RhapsodyVideo

Detroit rapper NF took our On the Record challenge, in which he was given 45 seconds to talk about one of his all-time favorite records.

You really need to check this guy out! Hes amazing! Nate Feuerstein is NF! <3 #NF

Ladies and gents, the one and only NF. The only Christian rapper who has ever made me come so close to crying. I've been so moved by NF.

a Mike song for sure......and Rena too, I think.

If you actually listen to the lyrics of his songs you'll understand why I like him so much.

Image result for nf quotes from song "lost in the moment"

You should've been there when I graduated should've told me that you love me and congratulations instead u left us at the window waitin "where you at mom, were too young to understand, where u at huh?" - NF how could you leave us

Lyrics from the song Mansion by NF                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lyrics from the song Mansion by NF. Love this song soo much cause I can relate to some of the things in this song