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Squid kids know how to switch things up in order to have a splatastic time! Find your colors in Splatoon 2 available now for the Nintendo Switch! Credit to @pucchi-dayo

:> absurdres bike shorts blue hair brown shoes domino mask full body highres hood hoodie inkling long sleeves mask multicolored hair nintendo switch pointy ears puchiman redhead shoes simple background sitting smile solo splatoon tentacle hair two-to

Skittles Nintendo Art

8-Bit Skittle Art

Skittles Nintendo Art the top two Mario and link I don't think the blue skittles are ok

Starry night van gogh super Mario Bros nes Nintendo  @kristenblankinship • 21 likes

Starry Night Piranha Plant - Video Game Art - Fine art print - giclee - Mario Art - Nintendo - van Gogh Never Leveled Up - Art by Aja inch print sizes

Mario Forever (well he's been around for about 30 years)

The Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

Super Mario Nintendo game that has changed drastically over the years visually as seen here.

Yarn Yoshi by on @DeviantArt

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