What Real Food Looks Like [Infographic]

What Real Food Looks Like [Infographic] "Healthy eating happens when you choose mostly real foods and very little to no highly processed foods. So what is real food? What is processed food? And what falls in between?

100 Days of No Processed Meals - Crock Pot Style

100 Days of Non-Processed Foods Crock Pot Recipes. Mostly these recipes call for good, wholesome ingredients: meat, vegetables, broth and seasonings.

100 Days of Free Real Food Meal Plans

Over 3 months worth of meal plans all laid out for you! No thinking on your part. Just shop and cook! 100 Days of Meal Plans – Whole Foods Style (for FREE)

Snickers candy bars Healthy ice cream bars, vegan

*Use cashews in place of peanuts* Healthy Snickers Candy Bars Ice Cream. ONLY 5 ingredients NO Processed food. A great guilt-free summer ice cream bar.

Meal Preps

When it’s too hot to turn on the stove or oven, a no-cook meal plan is the perfect way to prep your meals for the week. Get a complete guide for the to calorie level here! // meal prep // meal prep monday // meal planning // summer recipes // e

Clean Eating Dinner Recipes

Clean eating dinner recipes are affordable and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Set the table with meals that are made with real ingredients, absolutely no processed foods, and no added sugar. Everything can be picked up at your local grocery store, an

15 Lunches You Can Meal Prep on Sunday (The Everygirl)

Turkey Spinach Pinwheels Meal Prep - Prep your lunches for the week with these turkey spinach and cheese pinwheels! No more overpriced snacks and lunches!

Crispy Garlic Bread Chickpeas Day Fix] - Craving that salty, crunchy snack but don’t want to fill your body with unhealthy, processed food? These crunchy roasted chickpeas will sa (Chicken Meals Clean Eating)

100 Healthy Snack Ideas (Real-Food Style

A treasure trove of healthy, non-processed snack ideas, guaranteed to impress kids and grown-ups alike.

One Pot Chicken, Rice and Vegetables

Healthy, inexpensive, family-friendly, and one-pot! This one-pot real food meal is a family favorite. No cans or processed ingredients. (One Pot Chicken Dishes)

Diet With No Processed Foods

How to Eat a Diet of Non-Processed Foods - Start putting real, natural food into your body. how to paleo diet

Budget Recipes and Easy Meals - Cooking From Scratch

Food Heaven: Instead of turning to a jar when cooking check out these budget recipes which are easy to cook purse friendly and can be made scratch in no time.

What is a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet?

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be intimidating. We found this basic guide, What is a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet?, extremely helpful as a jumping off point for a healthier life and a healthier you! What's your favorite plant-based food?