No entanto, no que toca a tipografia, mostra uma posição diferente. Felix afirma que trabalhar tipografia exige-lhe pensar mais a nível abstrato do que objetivamente.

designmatazz: “ Studio Feixen – Studio Feixen is an independent Design Studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland that creates visual concepts. We focus specifically on nothing in particular. Whether it’s graphic design, interior design, fashion design,.

Nuits Sonores 2011  Design graphique — affiche , identité visuelle , 2011. Superscript²

Superscript² et Vincent Carry présentent les Nuits Sonores

Film Festival Poster graphic design inspiration nuits sonores / fernando suarez {A great philosophy for web designers, graphic designers and.

Nuits Sonores festival logo / design by Superscript²

Nuits Sonores festival logo / design by Superscript² – interesting construction, though it bothers me slightly on the slash S. but combining N + S this way is indeed very interesting,

Superscript² / Nuits Sonores 2012 - created via

Superscript² / Nuits Sonores - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All


Nuits Sonores 2012 / Superscript²

french studio superscript designed this visual identity for an electronic music festival in lyon.

Nuits sonores jour : De Tokyo à Saint Denis

We met Annette Wolfsberger at the Festivals’labo in Nuits Sonores.

Visual identity and communication campaign of Nuits Sonores 2013 festival…

Visual identity and communication campaign of Nuits Sonores 2013 festival. Generative system based on the graphic representation of a sound track. Made with Processing. By Superscript².

Superscript – Affiche Nuits sonores | Bisous blog

Superscript² : graphic design & type design studio based in Lyon. Co-founded by Patrick Lallemand & Pierre Delmas Bouly in We design posters, books, typefaces, global identity and many things.