How to make a mini Hydrogen Generator / TUTORIAL - YouTube

DIY Video : How to build a Homemade Mini Hydrogen Generator / Water to fuel Generator from simple Household items

Arger's DNA mixer meme blank by arger on deviantART

Arger's DNA mixer meme blank by arger on deviantART. To be as random as possible I would recommend a random number generator set for

generator rex | Generator Rex... Alpha Rex by Zimonini

Took waaayy too long to get this dude done. Have been a sketch (alot of sketches) in my drawer for a long time now. But this is my Rex Salazar for my .

On the Creative Market Blog - 22 Oddly Satisfying Animations for Anyone Obsessed with Color

22 Oddly Satisfying GIFs for Anyone Obsessed with Color

The arc-length parametrization of an Archimedean spiral visualized with colors. I just finished some new code to generate arc-length parametrizations of arbitrary curves.

"Too see lightning dance from her finger tips, it was like seeing a work of art as it was being formed."

Book 1📚 Caught up in a world of elemental animals & people who can control air, water, sunlight, & more…

Electricity Generation/Electrogenesis: The ability to generate electricity. Sub-power of Electricity Manipulation, variation of Elemental Generation and Energy Generation. <<<< Her power in a nutshell

The Art of Daarken

Bard the Bowman art by Daarken for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth game