Sleepy heads: The inseparable pair are often seen getting some shut eye together on the floor

Odd Couple! Inseparable dog and duck

Golden Retriever Barclay has formed an inseparable bond with Rudy, a four-year-old Pekin duck.

In my future career, I want to build trusting relationships and let people know that I am able to help them.  I love getting to know people and creating lasting relationships.

Animal Odd Couples

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub oh my goodness my heart just melted

Best of friends, Jet the dolphin and Miri the seal at Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs Harbour, Australia - 25 Jun 2012.

Animal Odd Couples: Unlikely friendships in the Animal Kingdom

Meet Jet and Miri, a baby dolphin and baby seal that have formed an unlikely friendship. The three-year-olds have been inseperable since they were just two months old, say staff at Pet Porpoise Pool, a marine center in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

There are so many different kinds of magic in these woods.

The Odd Couple (1968)

Please stop pinning this taxidermist photo of a DEAD FOX AND DEAD RABBIT and glorifying it as art. They are not cute or adorable. Just DEAD. If you ever really thought a rabbit would lay on top of a living fox.dig deep for some common sense.

bear and puppy...TOO CUTE

45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples

Brown bear hugs a dog, Slovenia - Adorable moments between wild animals in the Animal Kingdom - NY Daily News

“I don’t give a hoot what the other kids say; species does not matter. I’m your mother and I love you–that’s all you need to know.”

18 Dogs Caring For Other Baby Animals

A little baby white faced scops owl, has found and unlikely friend and guardian in Kiera the German Pointer. by German Shorts My dog is a 3 year old German Short Hair pointer and he would do baby Animals

The odd couple

The 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships Of The Year

Baboon and Bushbaby oh how y cant we all just except each other as we r like animals do.

45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples

A seven-months-old yellow baboon carries a Galagos also known as a bushbaby at the Animal Orphanage in the KWS headquarters in Nairobi…A seven-months-old yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) carries a.