Construction is now on hold for financial factors. Lots of buildings on earth today, which are considered representatives of Modern Architecture, seem to have exceeded all organic limitations in regards to height.

Psychology of the Office Space [#Infographic] | Take It Personel-ly

Office design trends come in and out of fashion quicker than one can say “treadmill desk”, but there’s a good reason why managers are always obsessing about ways to improve their work spaces; it turns out that an office space can have a huge psychological

executive office layout

Includes: executive office layout, small office layout, and keep your office neat and clutter free.

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Many of us use Windows, Chrome, and other popular software solutions on a daily basis. Learning a few shortcuts for them could only make you productive. This infographic from Conosco covers 50 shortcuts you don’t want to miss:

The Importance of Proper Office Space Planning

Looking for a way to increase work productivity? The general layout of an office greatly influences productivity, so changing it can help enhance quality of work. To learn more about setting up an office space design, take a look at this infographic.


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