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"Winter Cardinals on Goldenrod" by Larry Zach ~~ Cardinals are active songbirds and sing a variety of different melodies. Unlike many songbirds, both male and female cardinals sing, and the female often vocalizes with song from her nest.


*LET IT SNOW ~ Beautiful little Mountain Bluebirds snuggle together. I just amazes me the beautiful things God has made for us to enjoy.

Oiseau inseparable photo inseparables 01

Oiseau inseparable photo inseparables 01

animaux oiseaux

The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus) is a small passerine bird in the white-eye family. Its native range includes much of east Asia, including Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines.

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beautiful colors                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Beautiful love birds - birds and fish, nature's most colorful animals on the face of the earth.thank you God

BIG KISSES and hugs and love and happiness and fun-filled adventures :)

The National bird of U. and the herald of Christmas - lovely little birds who peck through the lids and drink the cream from the top of the glass milk bottles on people's doorsteps. European Robin also known as the Robin Red Breast.

No wonder there called lovebirds--Yes these are actually what real lovebirds look like!                                                                                                                                                      More

Des photos prises au bon moment et au bon endroit – Partie 9

beaucoup d'animaux me surprenne avec leurs couleur flamboyantes , c'est telment beau !!.JAS.

These are beautiful. They look like pink lovebirds? I used to raise lovebirds but I've never seen pink ones.