Howling Origami Wolf -

Howling Origami Wolf -

ORIGAMI WOLF (Jo Nakashima & Camila Zeymer)

I am absolutely terrible at origami, but I can’t help but think an origami Halloween display would be pretty cool, so here are some tutes.

how to make an origami wolf - YouTube

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Easy Origami Crane with nice wings tutorial (Henry Phạm) - YouTube

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Floriane Touitou has a passion for origami.

Origami animals in glass

Black Wolf - Origami is beautiful yet fragile, but Floriane Touitou found a way to "preserve" her paper foldings. Floriane protects her intricate origami animals by putting them under glass and these decorations produce a unique charming vibe.

Origami Wolf by Jun Maekawa folded by Gilad Aharoni

Origami Dog Family and the books showing you how to make them. Learn more on Gilad's Origami Page.

Origami Wolf

The most awesome new origami uploaded to the Internet during the past week ending on November 2015 featuring some incredible Starcraft origami.