Otaku Vocabulary I need to hand this out to my friends so they can understand what I'm saying ! :)

most of these are right, but my friend (who studies and speaks Japanese) told me that the word for cute seen here will just get you strange looks in Japan

Ha! Except Fairy Tail..I mean you know?...E.N.D...haha...no? Okay bye...

Only anime has no end. It will forever be there for me. Assuming I have my phone/computer, earbuds, charger, wifi, and Internet. Reason why I love anime.

My parents always say they wish I was born with ears and a tail because my face is always so expressionless.

gif kitty cat cute anime kawaii kitten animated gif neko anime gif tachibana mei anime cat kawaii cat kawaii neko sukite ii na yo sukite

We'd probably only be like that as long as the theme plays, as soon as its gone....

We will be there with swords, scythes, and rocket launchers that we pull from our boobs.<<<<<< Its scary how true this is and I bet to it all we will have a few titans on our side<I already pinned this but this is great! XD and so true