Star Wars and Math - the only thing better is peanut butter and chocolate!

The Force = mass * acceleration. The one thing my professor said we definitely had get out of our physics class if we learned anything at all. F=ma, F=ma, F=ma, F=ma, F=ma.

This Is Why You Don't Study Physics - This sums up my college experience nicely

This is Why You Don't Study Physics

How to solve a physics problem. this is how i felt doing physics homework.

17 Jokes Only Physics Geeks Will Understand

"Please get new coffee machine, this one is broken." Machinists 17 Jokes Only Physics Geeks Will Understand

Fall vs impact, in case you don't understand physics.

20 Jokes Only A Physics Nerd Will Appreciate

Science Jokes: 27 Geeky One-Liners Nerds Will Love (SLIDESHOW)

SCIENCE JOKES: 27 Geekiest One-Liners

My form of studying for physics is searching physics on pinterest, be proud @Sarah Bryant ! :)

Oh yeah, overflowing with potential energy which won't transform into kinetic energy, at least not today that's Sunday.

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You matter. Until you multiply yourself times the speed of light squared. Then you energy.

Hahahaha Science jokes mixed with Star Wars

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When fighting Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker must use the Force = Mass times Acceleration to defeat him!

This sounds exactly like something *my* physics teacher would do to me. Even though I hate physics I'm not above laughing at a physics joke

Chemistry Cat

Cats are funny. Cats in glasses and bow ties are even funnier. Cats making nerdy chemistry jokes while wearing glasses and bow ties? I LOVE CHEMISTRY CAT.

Physics joke to start the day - 9GAG

Physics joke to start the day

So easy it Hertz

Whenever you talk about Hertz is referring to a major discovery by Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who was born exactly 155 years