Picture Centerpiece - what a great idea for weddings/anniversaries/engagement parties

Picture frames with flameless candles. Glue 3 picture frames together with no backs, then place a flameless candle inside to illuminate the photos - great for weddings, family reunions, anniversary parties,so cute


Easy DIY centerpiece - I like the idea of the branches and photos. Could stick a couple in the flowers maybe for height? Also, could use silver chargers to define your centerpiece if your driftwood was short. ---- Add marbles to bottom jar!

Set of 5 Floral Arrangement Wooden Note Card by DownInTheBoondocks

Clothespin Card Holder Wedding Centerpiece Floral Arrangement Wooden Note Card Holder Table Number Card Holder Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Arrangements << I'd love to do this with pictures and quotes on each table, after the wedding we can use them somewhere in our house - craft room maybe on the walls? >>

Nashville Rehearsal Dinner by Michael Howard

For the Bridal Shower: Another shot by Michael Howard from Anne & Dan's rehearsal dinner that held at our Franklin location. We love the idea of using the old bottles as a photo vase!

Photo Centerpieces by MrsLimestone, via Flickr

Cheap frames, spraypaint, and ducktape (I think I would use white to match the frames). Print photos on vellum, and staple or tape them into the frame. Place a candle in the middle for a personalized, glowing centerpiece. Cute for rehearsal dinner

Photos as table placeholders or decor | A great way to share memories with guests at the reception. Simply put a cork in a candleholder, stick a paperclip in the cork, and put a photo in the paperclip!

10 DIY Photo ideas for your wedding decor and details

DIY- Photo holder~ birthday, anniversary, holiday or wedding idea~ put a cork in candlestick holders, insert a paperclip into the cork and voila: instant photo / table number / place card holder

DIY Table Signs...how cute are these?...Polka-Dotty Place: could make little chalkboards out of these too!!!

DIY TABLE SIGNS: Small frames mounted on short candlesticks, all painted white, all bought from the dollar tree. These table signs would be perfect to use for guest tables at a wedding.

Black and white pics in mason jar.. OMG!!! I love these for the table centerpieces. Imagine going to a 20 or 50 yr anniversary with these lighting up the tables.

around reception area - different sized jars. laminate sepia pictures and put in mason jars of water. i want to try adding glitter to the water, maybe make a snow globe effect.

Picture Frame Luminaries at thatswhatchesaid.com

5 x 7 frames (I found mine at my local Dollar Tree) Gorilla Glue or super glue (NOT HOT GLUE!) 2 sheets of x 11 Vellum Home printer Family photos Square mirror (I also found these at my local Dollar Tree) Tea Light Candles or LED Candles