Vintage Revivals | DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

Frédéric Malphettes est né à Saint-Germain-en-Laye en 1979, il vit et travaille à Paris. Après un diplôme en design et architecture d'intérieur à L'Ecole B

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Vertical garden plant wall Hotel Amour Paris

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Green Wall Garden in Brooklyn by Kim Hoyt | Gardenista: Above: Instead, the team sank full-depth masonry planters below grade during the remodel, complete with integrated irrigation and drainage. They planted creeping fig as the main vine, with asparagus fern and rex begonia vine as accents. To ensure the vines would cling to the stucco walls, the team applied a temporary adhesive to attach the two until the vines started to cling on their own.

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Sculpted by nature and arranged by artisans, these real plants create a uniquely verdant showpiece. The ferns and thick blankets of moss rise up in three dimensions from their surrounding frame as if in a tropical jungle setting. Audaciously original and certain to be a focal point, this eco-preserved art requires no watering.

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Fern and Moss Wall Art - VivaTerra; stunning living wall except for the bit where it is "eco-preserved," ie. Which does solve the watering problem, though.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers™ (@urbanjungleblog) on Instagram: “#plantshelfie perfection!

Celebrating official first day of spring with an updated plant New additions include a silver pothos, two zz plants, heart leaf philodendron and cacti terrarium

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How to Create a Killer Garden Wall in Your Apartment

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This is a simple pallet wall planter design and pattern which anyone of you can make. It will not only contributes to the attractiveness of your house internal, but also provides some healthier environment too.

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