Let's all work together and try to get a control of global warming, the polar bear is losing it's natural habitat and is close to extinction because of the doings of humans.

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Polar Bear - fewer than 25,000 Human development and poaching have long threatened the polar bear, but climate change and the loss of sea ice are now pushing it onto the critical list.

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THE BAD.Polar Bear :) I have this crazy little thing called the love of ice. Humans please make sure we have a future. can i just meet these beautiful creatures?

polar bears | The face of Climate Change: the Polar bear

The face of Climate Change: the Polar bear

An infograph about polar bears. It has some fascinating facts and statistics about these endangered animals. Other than the statistics, the overall design of the piece is very nice. It is organized very well and the cool, light colors fit well with the theme.

In honor of Polar Bear Day: 10 Things You May Not Know About Polar Bears, including there are only left in the wild :-(

With so much suffering in the world, it can be easy to ignore the plight of this poor emaciated creature, desperately clinging to survival at the edge of the world. But by ignoring the fate of animals, we are also ignoring the fate of ourselves. In many ways, this bear’s disappearance signifies the beginning of a downward trajectory that we may not be able to stop if we don’t seriously take action.

This Single Photo of a Polar Bear Will Show You WHY We Need to Stand Up for the Planet

How heart breaking! By now, we are all familiar with the idea that Polar Bears are disappearing, but a recent image from Kerstin Langenberger Photography of an emaciated bear in the Arctic solidifies what exactly this means.

I am beautiful! (One of the beautiful ice bears of Svalbard.) - by Judith Conning -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop]  No snow!

Polar Bear - Reflection - title I am beautiful! - One of the beautiful ice bears of Svalbard. - by Judith Conning

Polar Bear Tracks  (via As seen in the pages of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (April 2009 issue) – EXPLORATIONS – A Lindblad Expeditions Blog)

Photographer Paul Nicklen :: Huge footprints reveal a polar bear’s path on Svalbard, Norway’s Arctic archipelago. Fur grows even on the bottom of a bear’s paws, protecting against cold and providing a good grip on ice.

Polar Bears In The Arctic. | 26 Stunning Photos Of Animals Around The World-Polar Bears are Going Extinct due to Climate Change. Save our Earth!

26 Stunning Photos Of Animals Around The World

Impact of Climate Change - A picture of a dead polar bear completely out of its environment with no ice anywhere near it's body. The poor animal traveled far away from its own environment and starved to death.  - “Among the most alarming changes is the disappearance of native species" - Polar bears are moving farther north because they need the shelter of pack ice to give birth to their young

Impact f climate change- Among most alarming changes is th disappearance f native species- Polar bears move farther north bcaus they need th shelter f pack ice birth- This poor bear, completely out f its invironment, starved a long, painful & lonely death

Get up close to a magnificent polar bear in the Arctic.  www.urbanrambles.com

This picture makes me feel sad for the polar bear as it stands on a small block of ice and its only companion is its reflection. goes to show how global warming is slowly killing polar bears one by one.

Polar Bear With Open Mouth Cape | Takayuki Maekawa Beautiful !!! O/

Polar Bear The leading causes of water depletion, deforestation, global warming, wildlife extinction, and ocean dead zones is due to animal agriculture.

Polar Bear & cub......... Oh why does this picture pull at your heart strings so .......

Global warming is real, and scientifically proven. Today turn off you lights from pm where ever you live, and help fight against global warming for Earth hour! Tonight PHOTO BREAKS MY HEART!



Funny pictures about Polar bear cub riding its mother. Oh, and cool pics about Polar bear cub riding its mother. Also, Polar bear cub riding its mother.