I would want to get an album too. I feel like pictures would start piling up fast if i got an instax mini 8

Instax album for Polaroid 300 film. Kinda goes with the fujimax mini camera, it's just a little Polaroid scrapbook that I find neat. This would be awesome for Fuji film pics.

Polaroid.  I feel like this could either be really fun for the kids, or a disaster.  I'm not sure which...

Takes instant pictures! Great for summer trips! Definitely worth the cost! Only thing is the film can be a bit expensive😕

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera -- great gift for tweens and teens.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera - Purple with 10 Pack of Film from Target on Catalog Spree, my personal digital mall.

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Color: Blue 300 Instant Camera – Blue From the Manufacturer Polaroid Instant Camera Features This camera allows you to take pictures you’ll see developed in front of yo…

Polaroid Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera Case by MaterialDream on Etsy

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera Case Shoulder Bag Beige with Protective Layer Inside

Takashi Crystal Camera Protective Case for Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera - Clear

Takashi Film Camera Plastic Case for Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera & Polaroid 300 – Clear