11 phrases only Polish people understand

11 phrases only Polish people understand

Is your Polish friend walking on eyelashes (chodzić na rzęsach)? They're just super tired.

Polish Artists Recreate Traditional Slavic Wreaths To Keep Old Traditions Alive

lamus-dworski: “ Etno series by the make-up artist Beata Bojda from Poland. “In the folk culture - Polish wreath and bunches of flowers were a part of both religious and.

VEDMAK - In Slavic mythology, a Vědmák (Russian: Ведьмак; Ukrainian: Відьмак, Vidmak or Polish: Wiedźmin[1]) is a male witch, the female equivalent being vedma,[2] but unlike the latter, the vedmak may also possess positive qualities. For example, they treat people and animals,[3] protect humanity, and force witches to stop doing evil. On the other hand, they are thought to be people connected to the Devil, and are capable of harming other human beings

Paige: We are considering creating a new character and lore; the character resembling Lucifer; so we want them to have horns.

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A true hero

Irena Sendler -- brave and compassionate hero that should have been the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Let me not get started with Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing!

It's time for MR's Real Cool People, Real Cool NYC Apartments with cool person Aurora James

Real Cool People, Real Cool Apartments: Aurora James

Three seconds to do what? #redbull #cliffdiving #WOWsportandleisure

Cliff Diving - La Rochelle

Sports Photography I think this photo is cool because it shows all the form and precision sports takes.

Totem Pole Preserved at Kabetogama Lake, Minnesota

Native American Indian Coloring Books and Free Coloring Pages

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