Pontiac Aztek - 2001 A világ legrosszabb autói

In 2008 we ran a poll where readers voted for the 100 ugliest cars of all time. The Pontiac Aztek, built between finished in the top spot

Rain Prisk - Pontiac Aztek

Started watching Breaking Bad again, and watching Walter White driving the extremely ugly Pontiac Aztek, I thought I'd give it a try.

The first sign that Pontiac might be in trouble.

The 50 Worst Cars of All

2001 PONTIAC AZTEK - the day GM unveiled the Pontiac Aztek, the audience gasped. This car could not have been more instantly hated if it had a Swastika tattoo on its forehead. the Aztek design had been compromised until the tough, cool-looking conc

Do you remember the first time you saw a Pontiac Aztek on the road? I thought it was someone's idea of a joke as it was the ugliest automobile I had ever seen. It is perfectly cast in Breaking Bad as Walter's ride. It's the kind of car people who have given up and hate cars drive.

What if the concept Pontiac Aztek made it to production unchanged? - Motor Trend The General Forum Forum

Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

How do you make a car as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek or Fiat Multipla more beautiful? By making it uglier, as in these renderings from artist Rain Prisk.

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Pontiac Aztek: Super ugly or super cool?

The Pontiac Aztek as-delivered. Ugly cladding, undersized wheels, and a general de-awesomizing of the original concept car had reduced this once-snappy design to one of the ugliest cars ever.

2005 Pontiac Aztek for sale in Canton, OH

2005 Pontiac Aztek for sale in Canton, OH

1999 Pontiac Aztek Concept car

11 Concept Cars That Should Have Made It

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The Best Cars of Breaking Bad: 2004 Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek ( Walter White Edition ) the ugliest car ever designed

Pontiac Aztek 2005 3d model from humster3d.com. Price: $75

Buy Pontiac Aztek 2005 by on The model was created on real car base.