Nicolas Poussin  - The Assumption of the Virgin

Nicolas Poussin

POUSSIN, Nicolas The Assumption of the Virgin 1650 Oil on canvas, 57 x 40 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris

Poussin. La danse de la vie humaine (1633-34)

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NICOLAS POUSSIN 1594-1665, Bergers d'Arcadie, 1639, HT, 85x121, Louvre

Nicolas Poussin Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Arcadian Shepherds (oil on canvas), None

Landscape with Hercules and Cacus (Nicolas Poussin)

Nicolas Poussin - Landscape with Hercules and Cacus oil on canvas). The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow.

Nicolas Poussin - Inspiration of the poet

Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin,  Saint François-Xavier rappelant à la vie la fille d’un habitant de Cangoxima au Japon,

NICOLAS POUSSIN – The greatest among the great French Baroque painters, Poussin had a vital influence on French painting for many centuries. His use of color is unique among all the painters of his era Miracle de saint François Xavier - Nicolas Poussin