So....I definitely think if you look up the word sexy in the dictionary, Prince's face with no definition is there.

Iconic Music Writer, Arranger, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Actor and Singer.

Prince in "Purple Rain" after discovering his mom beaten and sitting on the sidewalk.

stephaniejuhnay: ““Diamonds & Pearls Soundcheck at the Special Olympics ” ”

Le chanteur Prince s'est éteint ce jeudi, à l'âge de 57 ans.

Prince, une carrière en images

Les hommages à Prince se multiplient de part le monde, comme ici, au club First Avenue de Minneapolis, où le chanteur avait débuté sa carrière.

Prince a été incinéré lors d'une cérémonie privée

Im Club "First Avenue" in Minneapolis, wo Prince häufig auftrat und Szenen für.

Watch a fantastic Prince concert from 1982 that can’t be scrubbed from the Internet | Dangerous Minds

Prince - Full Concert - - Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ) Setlist: - The Second Coming - Uptown - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? - I Wanna Be Your Lover - Dirty Mind - Do Me, Baby - Controversy - Let's Work - Encore Applause - Jack U Off - Applause

Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos!!!! Post them here!!!

Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos! Post them here!

Post Ur Prince Photos - Part 5

Post Ur Prince Photos - Part 5