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12 Ways That Lunatic Millionaires Customize Their Private Jets

The Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio has created two cabin interior designs for wide-body aircraft with the theme ' Timeless to Visionary'.


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Private Jet Interior! Perfect to discuss business or relax while flying to Paris...

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She had never been impressed with the size of his yacht, the amount of money which gravitated to him or the care he took in caring for his middle-aged body. No, all of these paled in comparison to how he treated his children, and spoke of his late wife.

The World’s Most Luxurious Private Jet Is a Yacht for the Sky...* collage by @styleestate

The World’s Most Luxurious Private Jet Is a Yacht for the Sky. collage by Style Estate

Flying in private jets is recommended for people who trravel on a regular basis,such as businessmen. More Info

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