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Way to the Rainbow valley

kidmograph: “ to Music I had a work commission for Toyota and Creatrs to do a GIF pack where the music/technology & art are combined in a new campaign. Toyota-Music Moves You.

Don't throw your extra string away -- make these crafts with it.

Ok but like instead of decorative string we just use nails as hooks

Bicicleta Sem Freio

Les illustrations explosives du collectif brésilien Bicicleta Sem Freio (image)

In case you forgot, pink is our favorite color. ;)

I love the sea and can't wait for the summer. I'm a huge sea lover with a love for diving and searching for seashells, corals, sand dollars and much more. I love to listen to the waves and think about all of those amazing summer memories.

Illustration: Rafael Aguilar aka Rafahu

Psychotoons – 22 illustrations by Rafael Aguilar

Rafahu Ag is an animator, illustrator and designer living in Mexico City. The illustration and animation are my means of expression, while my work and my life.