Strong people don't put others down

Never put others down cause they could go home and cry and think horrible thoughts about themselves from what you said. Think before u make people feel like Bad

Let It Hurt -

Let It Hurt

Let It Hurt -

Maybe the alone thing wiill be true. Seeing how he wasn't what you was looking for but what you NEEDED at the time. That in itself is the saddest thing I've ever heard anyone say. Just hopefully the other person will see it before its to late. Before you bleed him dry from every ounce of goodness he has!!!!

Quotes Picture: putting people down does not make you a powerful and strong person it makes you a bully a coward and eventually alone in life

Essence of being strong

Essence of being strong

Motivational quotes

how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you - I want to remember this as I go through my everyday, and make people feel happy and loved. That is what I want people to remember.

putting others down                                                       …

It's a sad truth and a waste of time and energy! You won't get too far knocking others down to build yourself up.

You Don't Need to Tell People You're Good. People Will See & Sense the Good.  Confidence is Silent. Insecurities Are Loud.

Also not putting others down when they make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone chooses to put people on public blast for the mistakes they have made. Wake up.

Omg yeh actually i Wouldnt even say i have a real social anxiety. ....Most times i simply dont See a need to Start  something even.... I rather observe first if I even want to deal with that person further

We are not shy, I just do not like small talk, as most of it revolves around putting others down. Gossip and put-downs, and laughing and joking at the expense of others, even if they are in the same room.

A Healthy Mind Does Not Speak ill of Others

A Healthy Mind Does Not Speak ill of Others

I used to want to save the world.  To end war and bring peace  To mankind. But then,  I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light.  &*** I learned that inside  every 1X of them,  there will always be both.   A choice each must make for themselve

Spend time with those who expand your thinking. Science, critical thinking, Skepticism, don't waste your time with religion.