Quotes about raising teens that are both funny and true

Laughter helps us get through most of life challenges, including raising teens. Love these funny quotes about parenting teenagers.

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The calm after the storm

"She used to believe that love should feel like a storm, passionate, raw and raging. But so many storms have come and left her more broken than before. Now, she looks for a love that feels like a night after the storm is over." Cynthia Go

LOVE QUOTE Photo friendship is weird

LOVE QUOTE Photo friendship is weird

School Makes Me Feel Like A Fucking Failure teenagers sad sad quotes depression quotes teen quotes sad life quotes quotes about depression

School makes me feel like a failure of hunger Teen sad sad city quotes quotes teen quotes from sad life quotes from the depression Source by

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Funny Quotes for Teens Here are some most funniest teen quotes, you will feel that they fit your feelings .