Fiche technique pour clouer le bec à un ami raciste. #infographie #racisme #data

Comment clouer le bec aux racistes : cette infographie vous apprendra à combattre les préjugés

we are all different colors living in the same box of crayons. Harmony day image perhaps.

This is the principle of harmony. Everyone is united as one and it is harmony which is love and caring designs.

Personne ne naît en haïssant une autre personne à cause de la couleur de sa peau. Nelson Mandela

Make friends of all races!no one is born racist! People teach that to their children. After all Jehovah god does not aprove of it.

Pro-black isn't anti-white. Amazing that this still needs to be explained.

It is just empowering black America to be all their white brothers and sisters have already been given the chance to become

Straight outta logic

Straight outta logic

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This picture was used for an anti-racism campaign. It illustrates how an animal that represent so many difference is still one of the most loved animals in the world. Pandas are animals known for their cuteness, rate of extinction and most importantly not having a predator i.e they move well with other animals. The phrase 'be like a panda' means there should be no discrimination between one another no matter how different we all are.

destroy racism\ be like a panda he's black he's white he's asian and he's chubby :)