FREE! Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory

Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory I hope you and your students enjoy this free student survey and interest inventory. It's great for the first day of school! Teaching Suggestions: You can run the student survey front/back, or just use the front page.

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Two versions of a reading interest survey are included (a boy version and a girl version). The survey is typically used at the beginning of the school year for teachers to get to know their readers.

Reading Interest Survey - find out what they like to read!

Reading Interest Survey- Good way for teachers to assist students in choosing appropriate books during independent reading time.

This is a quick reading survey to help you determine how your young students feel about reading.  The survey forces them to pick one of two choices so that you can really determine what they like best.   This short inventory was created with early first graders or even kindergarteners in mind.  I hope it helps you to find out more about your young readers!

Guided Reading Interest Inventory Survey: this survey is intended for first or second graders. It is to help plan for guided reading.

I am definitely going to give me students this survey at the beginning of the year. Many students lose interest in reading because they are forced to read something they aren’t interested in. I want students to keep reading in my class and learn from what they are spending their time on.

I use this reading survey at the beginning of the year to learn more about my readers and their likes and dislikes. To read more about how I use .

Reading Interest Inventory

Reading Interest Inventory for Students AND Parents

Parents: Reading Interest Inventory Can use this to gather information about their child's reading preferences and learning style