A Mermaid is found along a beach of Hawaii and Egypt. unfortunately they both passed away. These pictures are really stunning and mind-blowing.

This is so awesome that proves that mermaids are real MOM<<< about that, it was fake they used sea lion, human, and manatee bones to make a fake skeleton, sorry to ruin your dreams

There is something incredibly beautiful about this.

The mermaid…

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Mermaids are real You thought the only mermaid in Copenhagen was the Little Mermaid down by the harbour? The Danish National Museum is here to prove you wrong. In fact, it has on display theA mermaid skeleton in the Danish National Museum skeleton of the Haraldskaer mermaid, discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field. (Click on the photo to see it larger.) The description says she was likely a member of the Asian branch of the mermaid family, which makes her a rare find in Europe —…

Haraldskaer mermaid, Danish National Museum, Copenhagen (found by farmer, claimed to be Asian mermaid, v sharp teeth)

Malena Sharkey diving in Cozumel, in the stunning image that’s on the cover of Sarah Porter’s YA novel Lost Voices (photograph by Chris Crumley)

Mermaid - Malena Sharkey diving in Cozumel, in the stunning image that’s on the cover of Sarah Porter’s YA novel Lost Voices: Chris Crumley’s Mermaid Photography


Are Mermaids real or a hoax? And, does Mermaid found on the beaches of the Egypt and Hawaii or not? Read this article and know about this creature.

SEE, THEY ARE REAL!!!!!!!!! Mermaid Body Found | Chennai Mermaid / Tsunami Mermaid / Marina Wash Up Mermaid

Picture in Vibe Magazine, July 2012 of a mermaid skeleton from Animal Planet's "Mermaid: The Body Found". Government Says No Mermaid Body Exists. This is some cool stuff!

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Tiny Sleeping Woodland Mushroom Fairy by Celia Anne Harris OOAK. This would be sweet for a fairy garden.

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I do not own this video. It is originally from the site animal.discovery.com This documentary is so fascinating! It's about the possibility of mermaids on Earth, the Aquatic Ape Theory, CG depictions of mermaids during different time periods, and statements from scientists discussing whale beachings in the early 2000's and evidence found relating to a new "creature." Let me know your theories and opinions in the comment box below!

Animal Planet recently aired a documentary titled "Mermaids: The Body Found" providing graphic proof that mermaids exist. There's just one problem: it's more science fiction than science fact. The press release tries to ground the mockumentary: