Red wolves are at great risk of extinction. They need our protection just as gray wolves do. Please help us stop the war on wolves.

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Red wolf- critically endangered It is sad people shoot these poor animals. They have a right to be here too. I love wolves. Incensewoman

Red wolf- critically endangered It is sad people shoot these poor animals. I love wolves. Incensewoman Unfortunately, red wolves get shot in NC all the time because they are similar in size and coloring to coyotes.

This is what upsets me about living in TN. Everyone mistaken a coyote for a wolf. I hear this all the time. Also the other is that there is black panthers running around. And I have bigfoot living in my shed in the backyard, lol

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A simple coyote hunt can go very wrong when you misidentify a protected species like the red wolf

Red wolf cub

Outstanding photographer Tambako the Jaguar captured pictures of Zoo Zurich's new wolf cubs earlier this summer. The Grey Wolf and its subspecies once ranged over most of North America, Europe and Asia but have been pushed to the northern boundaries.

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Fewer Than 100 Red Wolves Exist, and Now They’re Being Killed

Another federally protected red wolf was found shot dead and was the third to be killed since a new law that allows hunters to shoot coyotes at night went into