Most people would love to have a daughter like me. You blew it." No, Linda-- if you were human, you'd always want your child. YOU chose and it was the wrong one.

QUOTES - It hurts the most when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today

you were the one that left out of no where I realize your gonna say all you care about is yourself but stand in my position for a minute.I'm in the hospital have a chance that I am in fact dying & you don't have the love to even call or text m.

You will!!

I absolutely adored you.and believe me, no one else will ever see you the same way I once did. I had you up on a pedestal so high that i lost sight of who you actually were/are. And you, my love, are an evil piece of shit.


~~pinned from site directly~~ . Fun Psychology facts here! I kinda did this at first with him but he hasn't hurt me so I've let him in and its been the best thing I've ever done in my life (let's just hope I didtn jinx anything)


I still do. What's sad is I have some one, yet my thoughts keep going to you. I'm seriously getting tired of this, Corbin.

You don't have to depend on anyone for what's best for you. but not by hurting others tho.