Rhythm Game: "Busted!" Pull a stick from the jar, clap its rhythm. Pull another stick, clap both rhythms. Continue cumulatively. If you pull the "busted" stick, you have to put all yours back. Kid with most at the end wins.

DIY music game "Busted" Students take turn pulling sticks out and clapping the rhythm. Whenever a busted stick is drawn that player has to replace all of their sticks.

Bang! Rhythm Game." The game is simple. You take turns drawing cards out of a container. If you can read the sight word you keep the card. If not, the card goes back in. Whoever collects the most cards wins the game. Beware of the BANG cards, though. If you draw one, you have to put back all of the cards you have collected." Concept could be used for anything.

I will change this to a money version: each rhythm is worth so much, and the "Bang!" card will say "Broke! Here is a musical version of the game BANG! It's a fun, versatile game to use with groups of students.

Rhythm Flashcards - Just used these with my children's choir last week, they were energized to have their own "star" moments playing out the different rhythms with different instruments and their voices!

Rhythm Flashcards

Rhythm Flashcards: great FREE flashcards for making different rhythm games! game and they worked perfectly for making 4 different levels)

How to Do the Boom Snap Clap Hand Game: 14 Steps - wikiHow

Do the Boom Snap Clap Hand Game

Rhythm Game >>> over / under type of partner clap. (thinking of inserting a name game with claps?)

Rhythm Game over / under type of partner clap. Could be played as an elimination game. Great beginning of the year game

Swat-A-Rhythm Game (With Variations) - Students compete to be first to swat the correct rhythm they hear. This game is very flexible and can be used for practice many other concepts besides rhythm!

Swat-A-Rhythm Game (With Variations) - Students compete to be first to swat the correct rhythm they hear. {rhythm cards not provided}

16 fun hand-clapping games for children's choir - great for a gathering activity or quick change-of-pace in the middle of rehearsal! | @ashleydanyew

Clap Your Hands: 16 Clapping Games for Children's Choir

16 clapping games for children's choir, including video links. These games can be used at the beginning of rehearsal, or in the middle as a change of pace.

8 levels of rhythm activity for students to clothespin the rhythm they hear performed

Treble in the Classroom: Clothespin Clip Rhythm Game/Assessment Kit - students listen to teacher perform rhythm then clip the one they think it is

Clapping Elimination game. (I = same direction I-I = reverse  II-I = skip a student in that direction) Start clockwise.

In this excerpt, students demonstrate how to play the clapping game. The three rhythms that are used in this game are, Ta, Ti-Ti and Tika-Ti.

Teaching Rhythm vs Beat? This song collection is AWESOME for teaching, and kids love it! Click through for the free music!

Songs for Teaching Rhythm Vs Beat

Cup rhythm games for music class and piano lessons! http://www.composecreate.com/store/rhythm-cup-explorations/

Rhythm Cup Explorations is the popular cup-tapping rhythm program that works in piano lessons, music classrooms, & any place students need to learn rhythm!