doing this for valentines day

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Esta mañana he pensado en dejarle una notita a Bruno. ¿Os gusta esta idea tan original? ¡Es muy romántico!

14 Best DIY Valentines Day Gifts

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I think I would marry any guy that was clever enough to come up with this!! haha <3 Nerds!

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Fuck off with that "Oh look, Allyson is playing with her future husband!!1!" bullshit. They're literally two toddlers flopping around on a mat.

Sounds Freudian to assume an infant is going to romantically (or otherwise) attract other infants

Oh my god. It's pains me to say this but this exact same situation has happened to me.

I wish I could be that annoying girlfriend that let's her bf win XD<<HELL NO is be playing with him