Monolithic Dome 3 bedrooms

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round straw bale house

2-story Strawbale Roundhouse

Specifications: 855 sq. ft. interior plus 91 sq. ft. loft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath with laundry, Footprint: 36' diameter Description: 10 meters (33’) diameter is the maximum size of a round earthbag stru...

1.5 Story 33′ (10 meter) Roundhouse

Story Roundhouse Plan or possible yurt lay out. I'd make the bedrooms smaller to give more space to the main living area

My dream-house was round as a kid... not to mention it was also pink with a gold roof... i was an odd kid.

Dome house plans---- separate rooms with large living room to be yoga space, bedrooms can be turned into changing rooms, retail space, lounge, massage therapy rooms

3 bedroom 2 bath, great layout

Monolithic Dome home floor plans with square footage ranging from to sf.