Oh, sam.. sam sam sam,  just can't help myself.. had to pin you again.. :)

Ever a cowboy hat look better? Still of Sam Elliott in The Golden Compass Love this man!


Usually it& the double exposure photographers that try to combine animals and their surroundings. Not so with Sam Larson!

Outlander Sex Scenes | POPSUGAR Entertainment

39 of the Sexiest (Borderline NSFW) Moments From Outlander

Table Leg Uncle Sam (tutorial), Patriotic & 4th of July Crafts

Table Leg Uncle Sam (tutorial), Patriotic & of July Crafts - thinking of making this a sailor holding a red, white & blue anchor instead of Uncle Sam.

[Gifs] Can we all give Jared Padalecki an applause for his great acting please? Each one of these people have different personalities!

(gif set) Jared Padalecki in Supernaural. What is amazing to me is that each of these pictures show how differently he played these character, just they are all still in some way Sam. Jared Padalecki is truly an amazing actor!

Yosemite Same and his ten gallon hat - one of my fav cartoon characters!

Liz Hurley On The Set Of Gossip Girl: Glam And Gorgeous (Photos)

Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam announced Friday at a news conference that he is running for Congress as a primary challenger for vete.


Outlander cast: “ “There is something beautiful about watching two people lovingly act silly together behaving as though no one else existed.